Of Mice and Men

I am getting a kick out of the latest east vs. west smackdown and wanted to catch everyone up on the volleys.

Social Web Drama in Roy Scribner (roys82)

Last week, Arun Thampi, a programmer in Singapore, discovered that the mobile social network Path was surreptitiously copying address book information from users’ iPhones without notifying them.
Disruptions: So Many Apologies, So Much Data Mining

Michael Arrington responds…

But more importantly, Bilton seems to think that companies do this kind of thing for some nefarious purpose, thinking they’ll just apologize if they get caught and everything will be fine. That plays to the crowd but it isn’t accurate.
I’m So, So Sorry. Here’s My Belly. Now Please Move On.

MG Siegler jumps-in…

This morning, I woke up and read Nick Bilton’s weekly New York Times’ column. Nick is a friend and one of the best bloggers/writers/journalists out there. But with today’s column, he was way off base.
Content Everywhere, But Not A Drop To Drink

Dan Lyons parries…

Anyway — Path comes under fire, and guess who rides to the rescue? Michael Arrington, who runs CrunchFund, an investor in Path, launches a blistering critique of Bilton himself, comparing him to a pit bull who attacks a dog that is already lying on its back, defenseless, saying that Bilton’s column was “a safe way to do business, but not very noble.”
Hit men, click whores, and paid apologists: Welcome to the Silicon Cesspool

Michael Arrington returns fire…

On a related note, I just read one of the most vicious personal attacks I’ve seen on me, and I’ve seen a lot over the years. Dan Lyons suggests that my defending Path on this issue means, because we’re an investor, that we’re a paid apologist (and much worse). He calls my partner MG Siegler “a mean-spirited, egomaniacal buffoon who is not very bright.” But he never talks about is past issues with MG, or how thoroughly MG has discredited him.
We Are Better Than This

Not to be outdone, MG Siegler fires a salvo of his own…

Looks like someone woke up from his nap of the last three years and is hungry. Sadly, I don’t have much food for him. I’ll keep this as brief as possible — and I promise this will be the last thing I ever say about Dan Lyons, as he’s clearly done.
Bat. Shit. Crazy.

What will today bring? Will the east coast rally additional support? Stand by for answers to these important questions, in this (hopefully) ongoing saga.