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          Welcome to the official website of Anhui Fangyuan Plastic&Rubber Co., Ltd.!

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          Product Name:FY-SIEVE Series Polyurethane Fine Screen Mesh

          Update Time:2021-8-25 16:05:36

          Product Details

          ● Screening, classification, and demineralization for fine materials including iron ore, coal mine, sand, zinc ore, 

          ● Superior capacity and performance with high open area of 32%-42%.

          ● The fine screen sieve is manufactured as a whole with one-time forming processing, reinforced with fiber, the tensile strength and useful life are improved, as a result, the craze is been avoided.

          ● The screen slot is designed with taper shape, which is not easy to block, at the same time, the materials are easy to get through.

          ● The screen mesh is directly tightened and fixed on the frame, the screen wires are tight and the screen slots are not deformed.

          ● The screening and grading are accurate and the service life is prolonged.

          ● Imported polyurethane raw material, unique material formula, improving elasticity and flexibility, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

          Core technologies:

          ●Achieved two Invention Patents .

          ●Fiber reinforced polyurethane fine screen mesh and its molding method. 

          ●Achieved Golden Prize for the 18th China Invention Exposition.

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